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Life will not end in words or in the many voices
that manifest desires in trees, ships, or light.
I see my love for this world in that stone,
that cloud, that river or that raging hurricane.
Life will begin manifold in simple ingenuities.
Rain will create telluric sounds to instigate growth.
My tongue will curl at the sight of knowing you.
And my hands, after all these years resting on
your waist at night emblazoned in galaxies,
came down victorious from those lofty heights.
That’s my gift to all the evenings I saw you in.
That I live knowing I lived once, twice, thrice,
in your time, in your space and in your nature,
in your paradise, toward the beginning of your journey.



From 100 Love Poems (Earl of Seacliff, 2005)

John Pule

Last updated 25 September, 2005