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I fucked you so hard that an infectious disease
called entirety presented a mouth from one drop of rain.
I needed to excavate your cornea since it contained
a surplus of spunk, enough to prolong desire,

Enough that I sucked on your labia, inside, outside.
Enough that I forced my face onto your eye,
Plausible that I came all over your tongue and hair,
my noxious foreskin parallel with an anxious dream,

hyped up because I ate your pubic hair whole,
my cock injured because you decided that the wetness
that secured the planet of your arsehole was too tight.

all I wanted was to deliver my sperm, regardless
of the exterior of toys, or the boundary of your stomach,
it did not matter, all I want is your love.



From 100 Love Poems (Earl of Seacliff, 2005)

John Pule

Last updated 25 September, 2005