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Embracing the dream that lives in a red airplane.
A box of birds that longs to circle its pilot.
My eyes that squint at the mere sound of grief.
My guess is that I am beyond its reach.
A journey begins in the past to end in the heart.
Reality that throws itself against my days,
nights when sleep is safe as a mountain.
Concerned at the rate I’m losing my nights.
Who do I turn to when you forget my flight.
The sky born with a pukeko in its vastness.
The knowledge of life settles in the heavens.
To say: ‘I love you’, when all seems gone.
To guide me in a cloak of kereru longevity.
To know truth before the search begins.



From 100 Love Poems (Earl of Seacliff, 2005)

John Pule

Last updated 25 September, 2005