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albino angels


( la jonquera / valencia ’62 )

bells peal
on an old rope & señor nin

starched collars / high
on th throat

like ‘ bat’s wings ’
stamps my passport . . .

i am lulled

by th curious sound
of spanish trains . . .

a little girl
with a hoop & a stick
is pushing the world around
beneath the pyrenees
/ is perhaps there still !

where 3 albino angels
climbed stiffly
from a volkswagen
wearing dark glasses

looking like mountains !

where françoise met her maker
for the first time in 15 years
disguised as her father
later / went swimming
with her unborn children . . .

where glass jars in cafés held
within their clasp
multicoloured shellfish
without their shells . . .

where a 303 cop in a cardboard hat
showed me a beautiful / dirty picture

then tried to arrest me
for bringing it in to th country !

where a young whore sang ave / ave maria
while she screwed
                           later fainted
                           at th bullfight

where most men resemble bulls
& women guitars . . .

where callow army recruits drilled hopelessly
in th main streets
wearing sand shoes & 1942 / alan ladd / twill trousers . . .

where a thousand men with short handled shovels
demolished a mountain in a fortnight . . .

where i died of a broken heart
having lived on sugar alone / for 3 weeks

where i tried to make love on a bicycle
at precisely 5 or 6 in the afternoon

achieved only th slow leak . . .

where th crazy wooden cathedral is stoned
out of its christian mind / day & night
night and day . . .
                                     like crafty franco . . .

ay !

                        where ALL THINGS were possible

                        th world ws real !


ęDavid Mitchell

Last updated 30 March, 2010