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Robin Hyde

The Desolate Star And Other Poems

Hanmer Woods

Autumn will walk there, with a breath of stardust,
With the burnt brown fronds of bracken in her hair;
Autumn will come with the frost on briar berries,
And clean blue mornings, and smoke-hazed air.

Autumn will run like a boy among the birch trees, 
Bittersweet of berries that the birds love on her lips, 
With the first frosts crunching in the wet-leaved woodways,
And the last leaf crimson on the maple tips.

Crying of birds will flutter through the forest, 
When dawn-rains deepen the turquoise in the pool, 
When the bright sun drips from the brown-haired fir tree,
And larch boughs quiver in little winds and cool.

Autumn will come, and I among the redgums
Will feel again the stirring of slender dreams as these:
Bright flax gleaming through the foreign larches,
And a bellbird chiming in the maple trees.


Last updated 17 February, 2003