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Robin Hyde

The Desolate Star And Other Poems

Dream World

If this be true, that Godís will, being spoken,
Is shown fulfilled in these unfettered hours;
If, dreaming, we behold lifeís thread unbroken,
And know the immortality of flowers;

If, from the deepest caverns of our dreaming,
Evil and good put on their awful shapes,
Till man may see his sharp-winged angels gleaming,
Watch his Bacchante crush her blood-red grapes;

If neither word nor thought of ours shall perish,
But all be woven, like the spiderís thread,
To meadows holding every dream we cherish,
Their silver pastures trodden by the dead,

Where all is strange with sunshine and with shadow,
Caged in a world made real by manís own will,
Where his own nymphs await him in the meadow,
And his own seraphs bugle from the hill;

If, dreaming, he may know what trees he planted,
What dizzy flowers, what tall and foreign grain
He sowed for harvest in the fields enchanted,
What streams he filled with honey or with bane ó

Whether my thought sang Splendour down from Heaven,
Or, lured the shaggy terrors out of Hell,
I shall walk firm, by stony road or even, 
And know that on the summits all is well.

Oh Love, I shall not fear the storm of faces,
The swords of the chimeric army ranged. 
For I have seen, surmounting desolate places, 
A Radiance, that bore your smile unchanged. 


Last updated 17 February, 2003