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Video, Film and Playscripts



A Red Mole Sketchbook. Wellington : Victoria University Press, 1989.
Goin' to Djibouti : a playscript
. Wellington: Bumper Books Publications, 1996.
Comrade Savage: a playscript
. Wellington: Bumper Books, 2000

Video and Film

2000     City of Night (dir. Rodwell/Brunton)
1997     Heaven’s Cloudy Smile (dir. Sally Rodwell)
1996     Things We Don’t Talk About (Won Smal Bag, Vanuatu)
1999     The Intruder (dir. Andrea Bosshard)
1994     Zucchini Roma (Red Mole)
1993     Gravity and Grace (dir. Chris Kraus)
1986     This Black Valise  (dir. Sally Rodwell)
1985     Eye of the Tiger (dir. Rodwell/Brunton)
1980     Life is a Zoo (dir. Tony Holden)
1978     Red Mole on the Road (dir. Sam Neill)

Uncollected Scripts

'Bitter lemons'. Sport. 1:68-77;  Spring 1988.
'Crazy in the streets'. Landfall. 180: 470-488; Dec 1991.

For details of Alan Brunton’s involvement in Red Mole projects, see Appendix A (Chronological Lists of the Works of Experimental Theatre Companies) in Murray Edmond, ‘”Old Comrades of the Future”: A History of Experimental Theatre in New Zealand 1962-1982,’ Ph.D thesis, University of Auckland, 1996; 474-95.


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