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Alan Brunton


some recollections of Alan Brunton


There’s so much sadness when you give something away.
You want to give and give until you can give no more.
You want to give away the store.
Hunger always wants more hunger.
I give everything and the night takes everything so where does that leave me?
I am a sun that suddenly goes dark.
The longest night comes between the hand that gives and the hand that takes.
As soon as the other hand touches my hand, I withdraw.
Charity dies on the ends of my fingers. It’s obscene.
You give so much you can’t come clean.
What happens to the tear in the eye?
Where’s the heart’s hot glow when you give so much, giving is just routine?

Alan Brunton, ‘The Night Song.’ Zarathustra Said, 2002.


Last updated 26 November, 2002