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Alan Brunton



Recollection 1966 

I remember Alan Brunton when I was at O'Rourke Hostel in Symonds Street, Auckland in 1966. I particularly remember him standing in the courtyard after meals.  He always seemed larger than life and had a wonderful voice.  I don't think I appreciated what he was doing in the way of poetry until the publication of Big Smoke.

The following quote from Julius Caesar sums him up for me: 

'Why, man, he doth bestride the narrow world
Like a Colossus; and we petty men
Walk under his huge legs, and peep about
To find ourselves dishonourable graves.
Men at some time are masters of their fates;
The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars,
But in ourselves, that we are underlings.'


Julie Kennedy



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