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Alan Brunton



Letter from Deborah

for the Wellington concert, 26 October 2002 


Dear Alan, 

I am so glad that I truly believe spirit is indestructible because I feel you close by.

I am so glad to have crossed paths with you on the way to nowhere.

I celebrate your passion for language, your willingness to laugh and your uncommon kindness.

I remain inspired by your unerring sense of present time on stage, your innate dignity and willingness to be the fool.

I like the way you ate your food and kept your papers in a briefcase.

Your precision and possession is a comfort to me.

I am proud of our friendship.

I only regret that I never said thank you and, I love you.

So Alan, 

I love you. 

Thank you.


Your friend Deborah


Deborah Hunt

Santurce, Puerto Rico


Last updated 05 December, 2002