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Alan Brunton



Message and best witches

for the Auckland concert, 6 December 2002

I am deeply sorry I cannot be present at the celebration of Alanís life on Friday. Would you be able to read out a poem for me? It is on the back cover of Ecstasy published by Alan / Bumper Books in 2001. I know you will have it on your bookshelf but Iíll note it down Ė in case!

Hunger for the sweet
Hunger for the white
and incorruptible money
of what we are
Hunger for the salt
the heart makes
when it breaks
Hunger for you
(salt in excess to me)
Hunger for the miraculous sleep...

Best Witches

Anna Hoffmann


Gordon Spittle (left), Anna Hoffamnn and Alan Brunton (right) at the launch 
of Tales of Anna Hoffmann Part One, the Business Café in Mission Bay, 
Auckland, 6 July 1998. Host Russell Green, book launched by Phil Warren. 
party attended by Ė read Listener and Sunday News reviews. Selection 
of guest photos appears below.


Bumper Books, June 1998. Bumper Books, 1999

Last updated 05 December, 2002