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let me speak

If your life has been between your mind and the trees
a white light guides you to the station;
if your life has been careful and unbroken
a cold Coyote shows you the Shining Way

But if your life has been
spent outside the fence
there is no light for you;
if your life has been habitual envy
treachery and jealousy
(treachery and jealousyís no way to go)
a servingman shows you to
Yo Papa
             Papa Yama
                               Yo Papa Yama          Yo!

Itís useless to lie
useless to deny
useless to try
to conceal
                 your evil deeds
(SAY: Yo Papa!
SAY: Yo Papa Yama! SAY: I stand before you)

let me speak

I see the cloudless glass of my life
I see my actions in the eyes of Coyote:
I was mobile
I was regulated
I fooled around
I rearranged myself
             YO YAMA)

I stand before you
look into my eyes
                           see my memory
                           come to a STOP
I give way

I know when I shall return
I know whereto
                         I shall return
no frightful god has pushed me here
(SAY: I am alone at last!)
So let me speak
                         I HAVE SOMETHING
                         TO SAY!
I was alone until the riders came
they put a rope around my neck
and tied me to this hollow tree
(SAY: I have made the riders from the habits
           of my mind
          There is no Judge of the Dead
          There is no Shining Way
          There is no Lost Patrol)
I am alone with myself
riding the horse of my own breath
Yo Papa
              Papa Yama
                                Yo Papa        Yama
(SAY: I spend my days Papa among the ruins with the Poor)

I am no longer afraid
(SAY: No!) (SAY: No!)
Put me on the table
my life is complete
(SAY: I am no longer afraid)
(SAY: No!)

I have spoken
Yo Papa
              Yama      Yo



©Alan Brunton


Last updated 03 December, 2002