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Es Como Es / How It Is

Three poems from Es Como Es / How It Is (Medellin, June 2000), published in parallel English and Spanish editions. Cover illustration Clara Restrepo.

Two of Us
Last Dance



Nadia drives to the ocean
beneath the shooting stars.
She makes ‘No’
sound like the loneliest word;
the wind is slow
but she is fast,
long ago and far away her grandma said:
‘Look at her—she won’t stay here’
O Nadia
Get Back

I left my room, that little
universe held together
with a 2 dollar padlock, my typewriter
on the table with my
novel beside it, to find Nadia
but she is invisible,
she does not light up like tobacco or tomorrow
O Nadia
Get Back
Who will wear your shoe

She crosses the border
with the other refugees into
the 40 nights of eternity.
In the dark age of the next 1000 years
tourists will park their yellow ark
at this place
and disembark
to read the message on the plaque:
He was slow
but Nadia was fast—
                          long ago, faraway



We are 2—that’s okay
on such a HaHa day

we walk down the Parade
as far as the floodgates

and proclaim Holy Inundation
at the Siren Rocks

Tony de Gregorio
is painting houses
‘Hi Tony
why don’t you come with us?’

We skylark through the park
holding our hats

A door falls from a tree
almost taking our heads off

and all our pains we shed like the ha
ha-llucinations of a moth

Do you remember the birds
in that marketplace
where we purchased
the incredible cloth?

The moon fades out
like a Princess of the White Nile

and breezes blow the clouds away,
copper coins no longer circulate

Yes, the door’s wide open
for us, let’s walk in

Tony paints all the houses white
‘O’ you say
‘it’s quite a sight’
and so are you—on this HaHa day



Nada más—Che

I leave to you all my previously
unreleased catalogue, the A and O
of my substance,
my fugitive pieces
and cowboy songs, the postcards
I never sent from the Hell
I lived in without
you, bayadere da da da,
the 883 messages
I did not delete,
these things, this everything, this
and this, I leave to you
as you go as you go
I give you my Whatever,
I return the bird you gave to me
bayadere as you
'turne again backe to the world'

I carry my bowl with its few drops
of the Great Juice
as I traverse your Silk Road,
I stop at each
fountain of mineral water
for a miracle I leave for you,
I listen to conversations at tables
where citizens regulate the Public
Interest but I leave
their decisions to you
there you go there you go
the nomadic nights
I searched for
'the herb Lunatica' I leave to you
that's how much I
have enjoyed your company.
Life goes from A to B
that's it
bayadere it's all over now


© Alan Brunton 

Last updated 15 July, 2001